The Featured video clip was made by year 9 students at Rickmansworth School for their Youth Philanthropy Project. The girls are keen to continue the momentum created by the project and are presently busy organising fund raising activities to support the trust. Great work Lucy, Hattie, Jada, Rosa and Michelle!
The Childrens Arthritis Trust (formerly the James Herson Memorial Fund) was started with funds donated in memory of a special boy. His family were passionate about raising awareness about arthritis in children, and the charity has flourished ever since. We have a very specific ethos; we are a very small charity and we aim to keep costs low, ensuring supporters’ donations go directly to children who need it. It achieves this with the help of fundraising friends and family; and thanks to the generosity of its volunteers who give both their time and money. This ethos remains at the forefront of CAT’s work, enabling it to offer crucial support to those that need it the most.

CAT relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and through the generosity of our supporters we are able to help hundreds of families a year

Our aim is to promote research into the causes and treatment for juvenile idiopathic arthritis; and to provide funds to Childrens Hospitals to employ specialist support not otherwise provided by the NHS, in order to improve care of young arthritis sufferers,

We aim to raise money by organising fun events such as quizzes, golf days, sponsored cycling/swimming/climbing/hiking; gala dinners; beach barbecues etc. and are always looking for volunteers to help with ideas, events etc.

We have met with consultant rheumatologists at both University College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital who have conducted studies with groups of young people suffering with arthritis and other severe rheumatological conditions; they have come to the conclusion that currently the research, clinical and medical help they are providing to the young people, meets all the necessary criteria; however, what the young people themselves feel would benefit them greatly is a youth worker who can assist them with setting up support groups amongst themselves – many of the kids are isolated and feel very alone; a network of other people experiencing similar problems would be invaluable to them. A lot of them are keen to help in drugs trials; to help raise money for charities such as ours and particularly to raise awareness of their condition; after all – how many people know that children can indeed get arthritis?

A young graduate with a sociology/psychology background would be an ideal candidate for this position; and CAT are looking to raise around £50k over the next five years to enable this to happen.

CAT Needs over £50,000 to carry out the latest research to help young people with JIA find answers to enable them to live a normal life. Can you help?

Please contact Celia on 07966796567 celia@childrensarthritistrust.org.uk

If you would like to make a donation please click on the link below.

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