Apr 142015
silverstone half 1

Ross Millar completed the Silverstone half marathon with Nikki and Joe. He has raised £226 plus Gift Aid for the Charity! Many thanks from all of us!

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Apr 022015
Silverstone half 2

Back on the 18th January, I was messaged by Joe asking if I would like to run the Silverstone Half Marathon for CAT.  I have always enjoyed a bit of running – but having never run any more than 3 miles and a bit of cross country when I was in school – the thought of 13.1 miles was a little daunting to say the least.  I did some research, and although it said I needed around 12 weeks to train from scratch, I was up for the challenge! ….And I am SO glad that I said yes. After going round and seeing Celia, and hearing all about the Charity, it made it so real for me, I can do something to help these young children with arthritis!

For those of you that know me will know I am social butterfly, forever going to parties and evenings out…. But I changed my lifestyle completely overnight, no alcohol, no going out, just a clean diet, exercise 6 days a week and a hell of lot of running. And it was totally worth it!

When Joe and I got to Silverstone on the morning of the race, I was so nervous. We got our vests on, did our warm up, and soon enough we were off. We got through the start line around 3 and a half minutes in, and saw some of our friends and family there straight away – which gave us a little boost at the start. Mile 8 was particularly hard for me, but Joe pulled me through it and we carried on. We then saw everyone again at mile 10, and I think we both needed that to get us through the last 3 miles! As we got to the 12 mile mark, the legs really started to hurt. I just kept visualising that finish line, and then we saw it… it truly was such an emotional finish. I was certainly welling up, and I remember looking at Joe and just saying “WE DID IT!”. We were so pleased that we ran the whole way not stopping once, with our finish time of 02:05:53.

I am currently at £880 with a few more to collect, so will definitely be over £900. This means the absolute world. So thank you everyone who helped me get through this, and to everyone who was so generous to donate.  Love xxx



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